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Solitude by YOSHIMETAL

Nature truly is beautiful. Photos like these definitely emphasise that fact.

The upper part of the photograph looks amazing. The clouds are lit up with the sun, adding to the pinkish glow of the whole sky. It's almost as if in several moments they'd be aflame. The trees are all beautiful, especially the two lone trees in the middle of the photograph, standing within the ''tree circle''.

The rocks add to the beauty of the photo and the water is well captured. You could almost see it moving, hear it...

Without the green object on the left side, it would definitely look perfect and the colours are a little dull. Brighter shades would add to the liveliness of the photo and make it stand out even more. It could be sharpened just a little and the light in the background could be reduced for a small degree. All of that would definitely improve the quality of this photograph.

Still, very beautiful!
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YOSHIMETAL Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012   Photographer
Thank you for your critique, much appreciated.
theWitchofGrich Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
you're welcome :D
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